R.I.P Billy

R.I.P Billy, for thou shallt be reborn and never forgotten.

I had an old Billy shelf which was starting to collapse and had the wrong color (moved from one room to another…). It was time to swap for a brand new one (yeah, trip to ikea!!!). The old one got repurposed in my cellar to store my tools.

For those interested:

  • I used 5 horizontal layers of the Billy, 3 vertical to make the back, 2 horizontal, held by EKBY STÖDIS
  • The top of the shelf is reinforced with a vertical part of GORM that was lying around that I cut to size and screw
  • A set of nails was used to hold the tools
  • The shelf itself is hanging using hose clamps (holes are 8mm, inside both the vertical billy and the grolm)
top of the shelf and hose clamp (front)
back (from the public area surrounding my cellar)
finished result

Rainbow loom and hacking

A while ago, I ordered from alibaba (or dealextreme) bazilions of elastic bands for the kids. However, I forgot to buy a loom. Being back from vacation, sunday evening needs an occupation for the kids.

Time for some hacking! I’ve already used the elastics between 2 fingers and the kids are now good with it and ready to move to more complex figures. I had some spare  wood (from doing the terrasse with IKEA Runnen)

First, unscrew the plastic holdings to get some fresh pieces of wood.



Second step, use a mail to help with drilling correctly. You can use this sample drilling plan (hosted on bitbucket, use RAW button to download).

Once all holes have been marked, switch to drilling (I used a 8mm wood bit).

And then use some trunnions (8mm) to make the pin. You might need to convince them in the hole with a hammer.

Once done, the result should look like that.


This allows to have a triangle, a square, an hexagon and 2 pins, each time with a hole in the middle, for various forms.

Probably more, don’t really want to look for more patterns now

IMG_20150628_151032 IMG_20150628_151039 IMG_20150628_151042 IMG_20150628_151053