What I currently play, march edition

Roughly 5 years after everyone, I’ve started playing the Witcher 2. I don’t have much available time so I play in easy mode. The fighting system is good, despite requiring to memorize 6 pictograms for some sorts (I actually did not memorize them but bound them to some mouse buttons). The quest part is simple but interesting, with lots of content and a nice story.It probably would not win the game of the year but it’s good to waste some time that I don’t have. It’s super cheap on steam, so definitely worth the few bucks it costs if you didn’t try it yet.

As part of the previous of april’s monthly humble bundle, I received this War of Mine. It’s the same price tag as the previous game, but a very different kind of game. Instead of being a super badass, with nearly unlimited powers trying to kill their way to fame and fortune, you play a bunch of struggling civilians, trying to survive in the middle of a city in war, fighting for medicines, food, water, avoiding the various dangers represented by robbers, other scavengers, snipers. The game is black and white, with a very gloomy look and feel. The realization is definitely awesome, it’s interesting to play, but it has a psychological toll: you are constantly reminded that life can end without notice, that your hard-earned resources can be stolen by a group of robbers, leaving you with gashing wounds. I definitely enjoyed the few hours I spent on the game, but I would have a very hard time recommending it. While game usually translates you into an imaginary world, this one does its best to remind you in what environment some people live. On top of the survival struggle, should you choose the path of violence, your characters will start worrying about their fate and soul, making you actually feel bad for taking such a decision. Do you prefer to save the 2 begging kids mother or your friend? Cause there is not enough medicine for everyone. If you feel the immersion is not enough, your team is represented through realistic pictures, with a short bio explaining their struggles and evolving over time. And in case you’re wondering, death is final, there is no saving and reloading in real world.

I’ve played Jamestown which is a good old fashioned shoot them up. Not much to say, it’s hard, entertaining, good to empty your brain. Several ships with different weapons, an hair-fetched scenario. I had it for a while, rather a good surprise and one of a few games that can be played with the kids watching, thanks to the very cartoon-like/unrealistic feeling (easy to spot the bad : they’re ugly)

GRAVARK: Survival Evolved, Rust: these were games I really wanted to play. Open-world, mmo, sandboxing. I was really hoping for a feeling of collaboration, man against the environment, creativity. What I got was half finished games, full of bugs, almost impossible to play, with lots of gankers, fuzzy objectives, broken scenario. Clearly a huge deception and I don’t recommend investing time in these, which was a surprise for me.

Last, millie is a very nice snake-like game. I didn’t play much but it’s one of the few games which is really nice and playable by one of my 5 years old twin.



I’ve recently had to fly oversea (yesterday) and this is usually for me the opportunity to try new things: can’t really sleep, in-flight entertainment is usually crappy, so here I go.

I tried a new game called Chromasquad. Reason why I tried this is simple : I recently got it in a humble bundle (monthly one I guess), it’s DRM-free (I could get it from humble bundle website easily), it’s small (in 100 of MB at most) and runs decently on a mac book air, which has close to no power.

I tried and I got surprisingly addicted: pitch is pretty simple, a bunch of stuntsmen go out of their studio and start making their own power rangers clone. The game itself is close to XCom, enemy unknown : you work your team, improve it then play in a turn by turn. Gameplay is quite addictive, not as easy as it sounds initially. Graphics are… well, let’s say they fit with nostalgia with a nice principle of hand drawn, blocky old fashioned sprites. Either you love or you hate, it personally reminds me of my youth 🙂

Seeing how cheap the game is, I strongly recommend to buy it. Seeing that I missed the trophies (playing out of steam), I’ll probably redo it really soon and keep it as a plane friendly, low-power game.

Of course, the other games I did in the plane were less fun. They included tearing of my seat with the help of the steward to fetch my headphones converter, 45 minutes of turbulence in the middle of lunch and using a 10 inches screen to watch an SD movie. I don’t understand how in-flight entertainment can still be that crappy.